New York City

New York City

Sooo... you probably recognize this skyline...its NEW YORK CITY!!!! The reason you see Paris, and New York featured in so many movies, is because their skylines are familiar to a lot of people, and they recognize the city!

Chinatown is amazing...especially if you want Chinese food! lol. The best places in Chinatown are the really great stores that you can buy cheap hats, tee-shirts, bags, and jewelry, as well as the culture that has settled there. The thing about NY is that if you want a certain kind of food, you can find it in the city.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures. Doesnt it just make you happy to look at it!? lol. Central Park is amazing mostly because its nature in the middle of a huge city, and wehn you go there, and really go into the middle, you dont feel like you are in New York anymore...its great. Plus, there are always those horse-drawn carriage rides...

This is actually looking down on 5th avenue, one of the best shopping districts in the world! They have everything, from Chanel, to Prada, Versache, Ann Taylor....just everything...if you want stores like American Eagle, Bebe, etc, you go to Broadway.

Most people think that Broadway is really just the theatre district, but it is shopping, and restaurants, and everything. Plus, there are always great shows playing!

So, if you love the busyness of the city, this is the place to go. New York is really a city that never sleeps. You can go to Times Square at any time, and there will be people there. There is always traffic, and New York taxis, and the lights, of the billboards.

This is the New York Skyline at night. Don't you love it!?!

This is the Lincoln Center in New York City. It is the preforming arts center, and the structure is beautiful, especially the fountain! :)

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of New York,a nd you cant even see the entire city!

Another favorite...


Lower Manhattan...

Brooklyn Bridge


East River and Downtown

Dont you just love NYC taxis?

This is sooo pretty!!

New York has great apartments!

Isn't it beautiful?

This is a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Loves it.

I love the Statue of Liberty!


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